July 24, 1847:  Brigham Young Leads Mormon Pioneers to Utah’s Great Salt Lake

On this day in 1847, after 17 months of traveling, Mormon leader Brigham Young and 148 pioneers arrived in modern-day Utah.  Seeking refuge and religious and political freedom, Young and his followers began preparations in this remote location for the thousands of Mormon migrants to follow.

Find out what led to the “Great Mormon Migration” courtesy of American Experience here.

Photo: Brigham Young by Charles William Carter. Wikimedia Commons.

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The best places for business & careers in 2014

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Danielle Radcliffe turns 25 on July 23. See him grow up. 


Danielle Radcliffe turns 25 on July 23. See him grow up. 

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The Evolution Of The Batman Logo till 2012. Check out all about the Batman’s 75 Anniversary on the corresponding DC Comics page.

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Click here to watch Nathan help a liquor store and an exterminator on last night’s Nathan For You.

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Behind the scenes of Sesame Street with the Muppets.

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How diamonds and lasers can recreate Jupiter’s core

Understanding what the insides of the biggest planets in the universe has been largely wrapped up in theories.  Now scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Lab have recreated these conditions with the help of diamonds and the world’s largest laser:

Though diamond is the least compressible material known, the researchers were able to compress it to an unprecedented density, greater than lead at ambient conditions.

The hope is to understand how these planets evolve over time by being able to reproduce their immense pressures.  You can read more about it here.

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Sunrise in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada - photo by Imran Hayat

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July 23rd, 2014 marks Batman’s 75th birthday. Happy Batman Day!

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Spotlight Of The Week - Mace Windu:  Senior Jedi Councilor

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"I was in a zone I haven’t been in before,"’- Johnny Manziel


  • 30/38
  • 382 Passing Yards
  • 4 TD


  • 11 Carries
  • 73 yards
  • 6.6 (Average)
  • 1 TD

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The Best Breakfast Food Challange - Help him, to get the best breakfast - “Find the best breakfast food together :) I make a challange, in the next 6 months, which post gets the most Notes, that will be the best breakfast food :)

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